Project reference: LIFE12 NAT/GR/000784

Project title: Conservation actions for improving conditions of human-bear coexistence in Northern Pindos


The project will target the Pindos sub-population of the brown bear (Ursus arctos).

This is the third largest brown bear population in the EU, as well as the southernmost distribution of the species in Europe. The bear population in the project area (the Northern Pindos national park and the municipality of Grevena) is an estimated 140 individuals, representing some 35% of the total brown bear population in Greece.

Data on the species in Greece collected over the last 10 years, primarily through previous LIFE projects, show that bear-human interference is becoming an increasing problem for the conservation of the species. This in turn is attributed to three main factors:

  1. positive trends in local bear sub-populations that have resulted in bears expanded their range into areas that were part of the species’s historical range;

  2. habitat fragmentation, disturbance and the barrier effect caused by transport infrastructure (for example, the Egnatia Highway); and

  3. negligence and lack of correct management of human related food sources, such as domestic refuse.

These are the main factors accounting for human-bear conflict situations, which if not appropriately managed, are likely to jeopardise any previous efforts that have been deployed in order to bring and to maintain the species at an “adequately favourable” conservation status.

The main threats to the species include human-caused bear mortality, habitat degradation and habitat loss, and an inadequate level of information and awareness amongst specific target groups.


Duration: 01-OCT-2013 to 30-JUN -2017

Total budget: 1,582,160.00 €        EU contribution: 1,186,620.00 €