Actions and means

  • Training management actors

  • Understanding needs and expectations of stakeholders

  • Involving stakeholders in decision making processes

  • Use of specifically trained dogs to minimize the poisoned baits problem as a serious mortality factor for bears.

  • Use of specifically trained dogs to minimize bear-human conflicts through aversive conditioning of habituated and/or problem bears.

  • Use of specific deterring methods for bears

  • Promoting communication between dog breeders and livestock breeders

  • Further development of a mixed bear emergency teams comprising personnel from the area targeted by the project.

  • Public awareness campaigns for the general public

  • Information campaigns for the interest groups in ways of coexistence

  • Creation of a discussion platform for management actors

  • Transfer of best practices between to N. Pindos National Park project personnel.

  • Design of best-practice manuals for project participants and for management actors